• Research at the Brain, Behavior, and Learning (BBL) Lab is at the intersection of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and education. The lab is headed by Jérôme Prado and Marie-Line Gardes.

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  • We use brain imaging to explore the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying functions that are fundamental to human learning and development, such as reasoning and numerical cognition.

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  • Our goal is to explore how this knowledge can help us understand learning disabilities and inform educational practices.

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  • The BBL Lab is located in Lyon, France. We are part of the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, which is affiliated with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), and the University of Lyon.

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Where we are

Our lab is located at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (CRNL) in Bron, France.

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What we do

We use MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to examine brain structure and function. MRI is safe and widely used in both research and clinical settings.

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Our research is funded by several French, European, and international organizations.

Our funders

The neural development of pragmatic inference-making in natural discourse

Schwartz, F., Epinat-Duclos, J., Noveck, I.A. & Prado, J.

Hippocampal spatial mechanisms relate to the development of arithmetic symbol processing in children

Mathieu, R., Epinat-Duclos, J., Léone, J., Fayol, M., Thevenot, C., & Prado, J.

What’s behind a ‘+’ sign? Perceiving an arithmetic operator recruits brain circuits for spatial orienting

Mathieu, R., Epinat-Duclos, J., Sigovan, M., Breton, A., Cheylus, A., Fayol, M., Thevenot, C., & Prado, J.